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Our Science & Research

Reshaping the aqua, cattle & poultry industry with carefully crafted chemistry


We envision the next farmer generation to produce 5X more output than today.

Our products have elevated the quality, output percentage and health of the cattle when mixed with the feed.

Our products


Protecting the marines from water-borne and season-borne diseases and making them healthy.

Products for Aqua


Helping the cattle produce better milk and providing them right supplements to work through the fields.

Products for Cattle


Making sure the growing poultry is healthy, yields healthy eggs and are strong through the weather.

Products for Poultry


Harnessing the power of organics for improving your cattle health

We have a multitude of facilities that facilitates working with natural and synthetic polymer chemistry, Livestock Feed and Nutrition, Aquaculture, mechanical strategies, Nano-technology, encapsulation technology, etc. to meet the needs of our customers.​

Farmer Stories


Hari Kumar of Odisha saved his dying shrimps using ARCL's Aqua San and has earned 3X more than he did the last season.


Muneeb Khan of Bihar has doubled his poultry production over the span of 01 year using ARCL's Poultry feeds.

T Chinmay of Andhra Pradesh has been able to make better fish production along the Vizag coast and made 3X profits.



Pankaj Bisoi of Jharkhand has been able to produce high quality of eggs and sustained two major years through the pandemic.


Our Focus Areas

We bring our expertise to multiple animal husbandry sectors, developing the industry's future and redefining what is possible, one area at a time.


Improvising Aqua feed

Feed storage and preservation are critical aspects to prevent the spoilage of feed during adverse weather conditions which ultimately affect the health of fish and shrimps. This problem is caused mainly due to the monsoon or summer seasons as well as longer storage periods for the feed products. Out products keep the health and lifespan of the fishes and shrimps intact and help in a higher yield.


Improvising Cattle feed

Due to hot and humid conditions virtually all animal feeds contain mould or viable mould spores, conditions favouring mould growth are high moisture content, availability of oxygen, warm conditions and prolonged storage. Moulds in feed cause significant economic losses and cause detrimental effects on the growth, production and immunity of animals as well as milk consumers. Our products reverses all the adverse effects in cattle feed.


Improvising Poultry feed

Grains used in feed, under certain circumstances, are infested with several species of moulds any time when growing in the field, being harvested, transported and/or while being stored. Moulds may grow also in mixed feed. Mould growth in feeds causes a drastic reduction of palatability of feeds and significant depletion of nutritional quality and quantity of feeds. Our products inhibit the growth of moulds in all circumstances.

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