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Aqua Strong Bond

An excellent safe pellet binder for improved pellet quality, stability in aqua medium, to have pellets soft and flexible, reduction of dust and breakdown during transportation. Helps in smooth and efficient running of pellet machine, reduction of power consumption, and wear and tear of pellet machines.



An unique bio-degradable and heat resistant liquid product, especially designed for safe use in aquaculture for prevention of diseases caused by different pathogens. It does not cause any harm or stress to fish or shrimp, and does not damage pond environment.


Oxymore-P&T (Powder and Tablets)

A product to enhance dissolved oxygen content of water of commercial aquaculture practice, and thus to increase appetite of the target organisms and to keep fishes and prawns healthy.


Aqua Gut-Pro

New generation direct fed microbial (probiotics) for shrimp and fish to establish beneficial microflora in gut, enhance gut health and immunity, feed conversion efficiency, and live weight, and to prevent proliferation of pathogens causing diseases of fishes and shrimps.


Aqua Pro

Degrades organic waste, reduces sludge and slops from the bottom of water body. Prevents growth of pathogens and foul odours in aqua environment, and diseases. Enhances the natural food of fishes that is plankton.


Aqua Fresh-P

Removes undesirable harmful gases and heavy metals from water body, rejuvenate ecosystem, promote growth of planktons , increases dissolved oxygen in water, makes the culture water lighter suitable for fish and shrimp farming.

Products for Aqua

Protecting the marines from water-borne and season-borne diseases and making them healthy.

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