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Formulations backing our Research & Development

ARCL Organics is stalwartly committed to the research for development of new innovative
biomolecules as supplements, additives and farm products for different compound livestock
and aqua feeds (Cattle, poultry and Aqua) and Animal Health.

The R & D division is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, supported by a team of more than 19 people involving Chemists, Scientists, Engineers, and Technicians from different disciplines having vast experience on working with natural and synthetic polymer chemistry, Livestock Feed and Nutrition, Aquaculture, mechanical strategies, Nano-technology, encapsulation technology, etc. to meet the needs of our customers.​

Standards & Protocols


Testing Standards

After developing the products, the products are tested vigorously in house and out-house, to understand the efficacy of the product, and further fine-tuning, if required before reaching to the customers. Simultaneously, our objective is to reduce the cost of the product to render the products cost-effective. The dedicated group of human resources, involved in research on development technology, has a strong relation with the production and marketing teams.



We have Analytical Research Laboratory and Microbiological Culture Laboratory with sophisticated equipment facilities, and expertize professionals for quality control of the existing products, development and testing of new product and for providing services to the end users. R&D also focuses on long-term profitability and marketing success.


Outsourcing Innovation

Is a leading provider of agricultural and related research solutions in the United States and has a dedicated group of resources that supplies and 
promotes innovative integration of Research and Development results


Trained Staff

ARCL's professional team is dedicated to producing qualitative scientifically based research studies specifically designed to fit the needs of your company.

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