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Organics. LTD

We provide environmentally conscious and productive feed, mold inhibitors, and cattle rearing additives for healthy production.

ARCL stepped into the world of feed in 2006, under the collaboration of an American company, with the pellet feed binder for the aqua industry which is now a star product of ARCL. Today our binder is being recognized both internationally and domestically and we are supplying to all the top 10 feed millets and top 10 MNCs. Our clients are not only from India but also from the Middle East, Europe, and America. ARCL has to its credit, a strong R&D infrastructure with respected doctors on our panel from the field of aqua, cattle and poultry industries. Our main target clients are feed producers and now we are expanding into farm products for aqua, poultry and cattle.

Chairman & Managing Director

Sura Ratan Mundhra

  • Started career as Chemical Trader in 1969 and purchased ARCL in 1983 as loss making unit and turnaround the company

  • With 5 decades of experience in the field he has traveled to around 70 countries and attended many seminars and exhibitions world over.

  • He has been closely associated with Indian Chemical Council  and Indian Plywood Research (IPIRTI) in various capacities

  • He is honors,M.Com,LLB and AICWA(Intermediate)

What We Value

ARCL believes in helping the world grow sustainably by tapping into the protein sources which mankind strongly depends on. We have developed a large portfolio of products catering to the aqua, poultry and cattle industries that are proven to provide desired results to improve feed efficacy while giving the required nutrition. Our team works closely with farmers and feed manufacturers to provide technical as well as on-site assistance to understand their needs and develop products that are nutritional and target concern areas.


Our focus is to understand animal health and feed nutrition to act as catalysts to provide optimum animal performance while making it easy for customers to increase their profits in livestock production. Our cutting-edge feed additive technologies provide the best in quality and consistency. We provide various products to deliver results in Feed Quality, Health and Performance, Hygiene and Toxin Management.






Value Centric




Promise to our customers



Our Direction

We aim to grow the income of farmers and produce one of the largest portfolios of feed additives and healthcare products for the feed industry. It will also help in giving the highest standard level of improvement in the aqua and animal feed industry in terms of less stress, an increase of fat and weight, gut health with the help of Prebiotics, probiotics, and protected protein.


Rajesh Mundhra

  • More than 25 years of experience in Chemical industries

  • He has moved through all the departments, mainly responsible for production, product development, maintenance, factory administration and Marketing.

  • He is very closely associated with Indian Plywood Industry.

  • He is postgraduate from University of Hartford(USA)

Commitment to Company

We treat our people as valuable assets and resources, who help us succeed.

Though hierarchies exist at ARCL Organics ltd., we treat each of our people as valuable assets. Their commitment and hard work have made it possible for us to become a growing force in feed products.
We have high expectations from our people and provide a dynamically fostering environment that helps our members to thrive and succeed. They face challenges with a problem-solving approach; that is why we value our people. We promote a culture of collaboration, where teamwork happens constantly because, at ARCL Organics ltd., our people are our family. 

Commitment to Customers

We are aware that customers want a reliable company. Here, our philosophy is to give you the best value, best product, best quality, and best service. Our clientele and reputation have proven that we are the best at what we do. We recognize your needs and have the resources to fulfill them. We know our products well because we manufacture and strive to create new and better ones every day. It is our aim to provide the best quality products that bring value to farmers. We believe in feeding the nation (indirectly). That is why we are able to give you the opportunity to choose from a numerous range of products. If you ever need to talk about feed and animal nutrition, ARCL Organics ltd. is your guide!


Mukesh Mundhra

  • 19 years of experience in the Petrol chemical, Oil & Gas and Shipping Business

  • Responsible for Business development, expansion and new projects

  • He is widely travelled and attained many international seminars and exhibitions.

  • He is postgraduate from University of California(USA)


Trinetra Bajpal

  • He is renowned chemical engineer from BHU with more than 40 years experience.

  • He is founder president of Saudi Formaldehyde (now CHEMANOL) and was in Saudi for 17 years.

  • He has to his credit setting up of any large chemical projects nationally and internationally.

  • He is our very close advisor and Vice Chairman of the board.

Head Safety & SHE

Mihir Ku. Ghosh

  • Completed Masters in Inorganic Chemistry from Delhi University

  • Has been trained in UK as occupational Hygienist in University of Bimingham

  • With more than 40 years of experience in Chemical industries

  • He is expert in Safety, Health and Environment and retired from ICI

  • He is our Director and Advisor for SHE.


Dr. M. R. Garg

  • M Sc and Ph D in Animal Nutrition from National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, Haryana, India.

  • Started service career in NDDB in the year 1980 and retired in 2017 December..

  • He has to his credit 150 research papers and  4 Patents.

  • He is rewarded as top Nutritionist in Dairy Industry worldover

  • He has recently joined us as  an ADVISOR for Feed Industry


Navneet Bagri

  • Having several certificates apart from Chartered Accountant CFO,ACMA,CGMA,ACA,ACS

  • Worked with govt organization NMDC for 3 years as an Asst Manager

  • Having 8 years of Experience in this field

  • Apart from finance, he looks after commercials including Raw Material Purchases for the company

  • After his joining ARCL bank’s rating got improved so much

VP-Business Development

Ashim Das

  • B Sc (Pure Science) from Calcutta University

  • Diploma in Instrumental-Technic in Chemical Analysis from Jadavpur University

  • With 32 years of experience in the Chemical Industry developing various types of

  • Formaldehyde-based resinous products for different applications.

  • Well conversant with the technology of Formaldehyde & Formaldehyde-based downstream products.

  • Apart from Market development nationally and Internationally he is our trouble shooter.

VP-Human Resources

Soma Singh Roy

  • During 32 years of service with ARCL she has worked through all the departments.

  • She operates from Delhi and takes care of North India Operations and Govt Liaison.

  • She specializes in HR  and has attended many refresher courses.

  • She has widely travelled and has attended many seminars.

Company Secretary

Sonali Chaubey

  • Qualified Company secretary cleared all stages in the first attempt 

  • An efficient and competent professional with an ability to ensure that a company complies and operates in accordance with statutory and legal provisions.   

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Good presentation, interpersonal & communication skill, Punctual and honest

  • Versatile, Enthusiastic and Attention to detail

R&D Chief

Dr. S. Bera

  • He has done Ph.D in Technical Science from Silesian Technical University, Poland.

  • Having a wide 37 years of experience

  • He worked for several big companies like  Sriram  Institute, Manali Petrochemicals etc…

  • He is an expert in Polymer Science and has successfully developed many new products and applications

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